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Spanish speaking John

Hi, John here, thanks for checking out my page.

I am a native of the UK but my spiritual home is definitely Spain.  Having lived there off and on for quite a long time my Spanish is now extremely good, if I say so myself!  My travels have included lengthy stays in some Spanish speaking countries of Latin america too, including Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Paraguay and Argentina, which opened my eyes not only to another wonderful culture, but also to the differences between the two languages.

I’ve loved learning the language so much, and it has enhanced my life in so many ways that now I just take every opportunity I can to encourage others.

Spanish verb conjugations seem to be a particular bugbear for a lot of people first learning Spanish, so I decided to set up this site dedicated to helping simplify the process.

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One Response to About Me

  1. Katie Wright says:

    thanks for the verb conjugator! it really helps with my homework.

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