Irregular Spanish Verb Conjugations

Spanish Verb Conjugator – Irregular Spanish Verbs

Complete List Of Conjugated Irregular Spanish Verbs Below

Spanish Verb Conjugator – Assistance with Spanish irregular verb conjugating. At the end of this post there are three of the most used and therefore most useful conjugations for every Spanish irregular verb, simply click on the verb of your choice to see its conjugations.

I want to start with a short summary of how you would go about conjugating “Regular” and/or “Irregular” Spanish verbs in general.

When starting to learn Spanish verb conjugating there are two types of verbs you need to come to terms with.

Spanish Verb Conjugator – Regular Spanish Verbs  and Irregular Spanish verbs.

Here’s a quick guide

With Spanish, all ‘regular’ verbs fall into a certain pattern or format, you learn the Spanish verb forms for each of the “er” “ar” or “ir” sets and it applies to them all.

Where as the irregular Spanish verbs are (as the word suggests) irregular and variable in their format.

What this means to you when you begin Spanish verb conjugating, is that the irregular Spanish verbs will need to be studied separately, one at a time, practiced and memorized.

The Verbarrator Spanish verb drill software is our secret weapon when it comes to learning Spanish Fast.

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Spanish Verb Conjugator – The Basics

It’s probably no surprise to you that most irregular Spanish verbs are going to be the verbs that are used more frequently.

This is the usual way with the majority of languages. English being no exception to the rule,  for example, “was”, “been”, “is” and “am” are all variants of “to be”.

The verb, “to go” is another English verb with irregular forms.

Below is the list of irregular Spanish verbs in alphabetical order. Remember just click on the verb you want to study, you will be taken to the Past, Present and Future conjugations of your particular choice of irregular verb.

The Spanish verb conjugator aims to assist you in two ways, not only by listing these irregular Spanish verbs in three different tenses, but also by pointing you in the right direction of the appropriate software to help you train, drill  and practice until speaking them becomes second nature.

If you are serious about learning to speak Spanish really well;

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Spanish Verb ConjugatorIrregular Spanish verbs list

abastecer = to supply
aborrecer  = to loathe
absolver = to absolve
acertar = to get correct
acoger = to welcome in
almorzar = to have lunch

aparecer = to appear
aprobar = to approve
ascender = to go up
atender = to attend
atravesar = to put across
bendecir = to bless
bienquerer = to like, to be fond of
blanquecer = to whiten
caber = to fit
caer = to fall
cerrar = to close
coger = to take
comenzar = to start
componer = to make up
comprobar = to check
concordar = to agree
conducir = to drive
conocer = to know
conseguir = to obtain
construir = to construct
contar = to count
contener = to contain
convencer = to convince
convertir = to convert
corregir = to correct
costar = to cost
crecer = to grow
dar = to give
decir = to say
defender = to defend
definir = to define
demostrar = to demonstrate
desaparecer = to disappear
descontar = to deduct
despertar = to wake up
devolver = to return
distinguir = to distinguish
divertir = to entertain
doler = to hurt
dormir = to sleep
elegir = to choose
empezar = to start
encender = to switch on
encontrar = to find
entender = to understand
entretenerse = to distract
escoger = to choose
establecer = to establish
estar = to be
exponer = to expose
favorecer = to favour
florecer = to flower
fluir = to flow
fregar = to wash
freír = to fry
gobernar = to govern
haber = to have
hacer = to make
herir = to hurt
huir = to escape
incluir = to include
introducir = to introduce
ir = to go
jugar = to play
manifestar = to show
mantener = to maintain
medir = to measure
mentir = to lie
merecer = to deserve
merendar = to have tea
morder = to bite
morir = to die
morirse = to die
mostrar = to show
mover = to move
nacer = to be born
negar = to deny
negarse = to refuse
obedecer = to obey
obtener = to obtain
ofrecer  = to offer
oír = to hear
oler = to smell
oponer = to put up
oponerse = to be opposed
padecer = to suffer
parecer = to look like
parecerse = to be alike
pedir = to ask for
pensar = to think
perder = to lose
perderse = to get lost
permanecer = to stay
perseguir = to pursue
petenecer = to belong
pervertir = to corrupt
poder = can
poner = to put
ponerse = to put
posponer = to postpone
predecir = to predict
preferir = to prefer
presuponer = to presuppose
prevenir = to prevent
probar = to try
producir = to produce
proponer = to propose
proteger = to protect
pudrir = to rot

querer = to want
recaer = to have a relapse
recoger = to pick up
recomendar = to recommend
reconocer = to recognise
recordar = to remember
reducir = to reduce
referir = to refer
reforzar = to reinforce
regar = to water
reir = to laugh
remover = to stir
rendir = to wear out
rendirse = to surrender
reñir = to tell off
renovar = to renovate
repetir = to repeat
reponer = to replace
reponerse = to recover
reproducir = to reproduce
reproducirse = to reproduce
resolver = to resolve
restablecer = to reestablish
retener = to retain
retorcer = to twist
reventar = to burst
rogar = to beg
saber = to know
salir = to go out
seguir = to follow
sentar = to sit
sentir = to feel
ser = to be
serrar = to saw
servir = to serve
soltar = to let go of
soñar = to dream
sonar = to sound
sonreír = to smile
sostener = to support
sugerir = to suggest
suponer = to suppose
temblar = to tremble
tender = to stretch
tenderse = to stretch out
tener = to have
torcer = to twist
traer = to bring
transferir = to transfer
valer = to cost
vencer = to beat
venir = to come
verter = to spill
vestir  = to dress
volar = to fly
volver = to turn around
zafarse = to escape
zamparse = to gobble down
zumbar = to buzz

I hope this page has been helpful to you.

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