Querer = to want

Querer conjugation – Spanish Verb Conjugator.

Review Of The Verbarrator Conjugating software By Sandra Hastings:

Meanwhile let me help you with the Verb Querer conjugation.

I have conjugated the Spanish verb ‘Querer’, which translated means ‘To Want’, into the three most necessary tenses, for you to practice and learn.

Querer Conjugation – The three tenses are;

  1. Present – Presente.
  2. Future – Futuro Simple.
  3. Past – Pretérito Imperfecto.

Querer conjugation to want


yo quiero
tú quieres
él, ella, usted quiere
nosotros queremos
vosotros queréis
ellos, ellas, ustedes quieren


yo querré
tú querrás
él, ella, usted querrá
nosotros querremos
vosotros querréis
ellos, ellas, ustedes querrán


yo quería
tú querías
él, ella, usted quería
nosotros queríamos
vosotros queríais
ellos, ellas, ustedes querían

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Whatever you decide to do I hope you improve at a good speed.

In any case, you should find Querer conjugation fairly easy compared to some.

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