Ser = to be

Ser conjugation – Conjugate Ser – To Be

Spanish Verb Conjugator helping you with the irregular verb Ser Conjugation.

I have conjugated the Spanish irregular verb Ser in the 3 ‘most used’ tenses for you to practice and memorize.

Ser Conjugation – The 3 tenses:

  1. Present – Presente.
  2. Future – Futuro Simple.
  3. Past – Pretérito Imperfecto.

Ser Conjugation to be


yo soy
tú eres
él, ella, usted es
nosotros somos
vosotros sois
ellos, ellas, ustedes son


yo seré
tú serás
él, ella, usted  será
nosotros seremos
vosotros seréis
ellos, ellas, ustedes serán


yo era
tú eras
él, ella, usted era
nosotros éramos
vosotros erais
ellos, ellas, ustedes eran

If you simply want to study more Irregular verbs in this website click the link below;

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Alternatively read Sandra Hastings review of “the Verbarrator”.

Verbarrator Review

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You can commit Ser Conjugation  to memory and slowly build your Spanish this way, or take my advice and try the verbarrator, what ever you decide good luck with your Spanish.

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