Spanish Verb Conjugator – Videos and Resources

Spanish verb conjugator – videos page.

Hi John here again,
Would you like to start with Spanish verbs right at the very beginning?

Subject Pronouns are the start of learning Spanish verbs, so when I came across these videos I thought they would be perfect for you.

Professor Jason speaks very clearly and simply and he explains all things, ‘Spanish language’, in a very precise way. I have been following him for some time now and definitely like his style.

I hope that you enjoy them or at least learn something from them.

Now we will move on to some basic present tense Spanish verbs, again with professor Jason and again very much worth watching.

One of the main things to remember with Spanish verb conjugations is the fact that the ‘ar’ verbs conjugate the same way each time, as do the ‘er’ verbs and the ‘ir’ verbs, this is all apart from a handful of irregular Spanish verbs which you have no choice but to learn separately. This fact alone makes learning Spanish verbs very easy once you have mastered the basic construction and done your practicing. To help you practice you should seriously consider looking at the Verbarrator, Spanish verb conjugating software. It makes a laborious task very simple and enjoyable.

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  1. Nina Reese says:

    Are you receiving emails? I tried to communicate a few months ago but never received a response. I am taking Beginning Spanish and I often refer to your Yout Tube versions as you teach in a very simplistic manner and fortunately, without an accent :)

    Thank you.

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